Kenyon Martin will always be remembered as a talented, fiery player during his 15 seasons in the NBA.

The first overall pick in the 2000 NBA Draft didn’t hold back Thursday after comments about Martin’s upbringing, along with other former teammates, surfaced in the form of an excerpt from an upcoming book by his former head coach with the Denver Nuggets, George Karl. Martin then appeared on Fox Sports 1’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” and “Undisputed” on Friday, and elaborated considerably on the missives he sent in Karl’s direction.

“Kenyon and Carmelo [Anthony] carried two big burdens: all that money and no father to show them how to act like a man,” Karl wrote, per the New York Post. The veteran NBA coach also described Anthony, Martin and then-teammate J.R. Smith as “AAU babies,” and that the three were akin to “the spoiled brats you see in junior golf and junior tennis.”

“As you’ve read, I grew up in a safe suburban neighborhood, with both my parents,” Karl also wrote. “I had a second father in my college coach, the most moral, decent man I ever knew. And I never made enough money as a player to get confused about who I was. When I compare my background to Kenyon’s and Carmelo’s, it’s no wonder we had a few problems.”

Those comments set Martin off, who responded by firing off a series of tweets, calling Karl an “awful and coward a** coach.”

“Who are you to criticize the way I grew up?” Martin rhetorically asked on “The Herd.” “Just because you had both parents in your household … you still didn’t turn out a good person. So what does that say? I don’t think that George Karl is qualified to speak on the way I grew up because if the roles were reversed, George wouldn’t make it out where I grew up.”

Martin also discussed getting so angry with Karl during a 2006 playoff series against the Clippers, that he experienced what he likened to Latrell Sprewell’s incident with former Golden State Warriors head coach P.J.Carlesimo in 1997, when Sprewell choked Carlesimo and was subsequently suspended for the remainder of that season. Martin tells the story at the 3:20 mark of the video below.