On Wednesday afternoon the Rockies revealed plans for a pretty substantial renovation to the right field upper deck and concourse at Coors Field. Long story short: They're ripping out a bunch of seats and installing a party deck. Here's a rendering of what's to come:

There is more info about the renovation plan right here. They will pay homage to the Mile High City by installing a bar that is 52-feet 80-inches (so 58-feet eight-inches) long and will have 52 beer taps. It's called ... wait for it ... the 5280 Craft Bar. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that will popular.

The seats that are being removed were an eyesore because they were typically empty during the regular season. It's unclear exactly how many seats are being removed as part of the renovation but it looks like the entire upper portion of the upper deck in right. Coors Field can seat over 50000 right now which is excessive given the team's attendance figures.

The Rockies say more information about the renovation plans will be released in the future.