Nothing is slowing down Carlos Gonzalez in the first month of the season. Snow, cold, frosty breath and marathon doubleheaders? No problem. CarGo keeps delivering.

He even provided the best quote of night after the Rockies swept the Mets in a doubleheader Tuesday that extended deep into the chilly night.

"That wasn't baseball. It was like Narnia," the outfielder said. "I was waiting for the lion to come out and get me. ... This was the best worst night ever."

Fourteen games into the season, CarGo is hitting .380 (19-for-50) with four homers, four doubles, eight RBIs and a .740 slugging percentage.

Opponents are trying to slow down Gonzalez by shifting their infield. In the eighth inning Tuesday night, Mets manager Terry Collins moved his infielders, save for third baseman David Wright, to the right side of the infield. CarGo didn't blink.

"He's not the only manager or team to do it," Gonzalez said. "The Padres like to play that way because (teams) think I am just focused on home runs. I will take advantage of it. I don't care. If you want me to take singles, I will take singles. If you make a mistake, I am going to hit it over the fence. I don't think the shift is going to cover the stands."

Sure enough, CarGo hit a down-and-away pitch through the left side of the infield where Wright might have been standing had not the Mets put the shift on against him. That hit opened the gates for the Rockies' game-tying two-run rally.