There's a pecking order to the home run bat-flip and rooster walk. In Washington last week, budding Rockies slugger Corey Dickerson said he wasn't ready to stride out of the batter's box with a mean lean.

Second-year Dodgers bomber Yasiel Puig, on the other hand, is king of the jerk-and-chuck, yanking home runs and tossing bats aside like so many soda drink straws. El Rey de Flip.

"If you've just come up and you hit a home run and you pimp it, then it's like you think you've already made it," Dickerson said.

On Saturday at Coors Field, Dickerson hardly had time to admire a second-deck homer off Los Angeles' Dan Haren in the fifth inning. This is a Rockies team less than two games ahead of the worst record in baseball. And the Dodgers have surged into first place in the National League West.

And the game was about to turn ugly.

Behind Jorge De La Rosa's ace-appropriate outing — but despite a another bullpen debacle — the Rockies slugged past the Dodgers 8-7 in a hideous victory to finally undo a five-game losing skid.