In the 120 seconds that passed while Nolan Arenado got dressed at his locker Saturday for batting practice, the Rockies' second-year third baseman said some form of "I'm sorry" eight times. That's an apology every 15 seconds.

Arenado, sheepish about his benching the night before for not running out a groundball, talked through his apology faster than he can throw out a runner more than 127 feet from third base to first.

He meant every "I'm sorry." But the speed with which he said those words underlined an eagerness to erase the night before.

His redemption came in an 8-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates in nine hyperactive innings at Coors Field. Arenado delivered a solo home run in the seventh, three hits, two RBIs, six putouts and a stop in which he dived to his left, fully stretched, to knock down a Gaby Sanchez line drive and throw to first for the out in the fourth inning.

"It's hard to end on a day like (Friday)," Arenado said. "But it's nice to get back out there. It's nice to win. The feeling of winning, the energy in here, it's just so much better."