Suspended Rockets rookie forward Royce White has confirmed he wants the team to hire a physician — a "medical point person," in his words — with authority to determine whether White's generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder will allow him to practice or play each day.

White's confirmation of the stipulations he wants added to his contract were made during a Jan. 8 interview with correspondent Bernard Goldberg of HBO's "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel," which will air a 16-minute segment Tuesday on White.

"I want a medical point person that will remain neutral and keep the interest in health," White told Goldberg.

Asked if that meant the doctor could determine that White's anxiety disorder would not allow him to play, for example, against the Lakers: "Then I can't play against the Lakers," he said.

"Just like if your doc … if your orthopedist says, 'Royce's left toe has a crack in it and he shouldn't run or jump against the Lakers tonight,' then I can't run or jump against the Lakers tonight."

White said the only difference between his disorder and an orthopedic injury is "you can't see mine. There's no swelling, so to speak. It's not purple."

He said he is aware his demands could end his NBA career but said, "I'm not going to accept it without a fight."