As you all might imagine, I’m not into the moral victories.

If the win isn’t determined by the scoreboard, there is little to discuss.

I was one of the few to point out that the 2009 season, the only time the Rockets have won a playoff series in the last 16 years, was a disappointing season.

Those Crutch City Rockets, who ended the season with Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady and Dikembe Mutombo all unable to walk without assistance, were supposed to be title contenders.

The current Rockets weren’t supposed to be much of anything, yet they won more game (45) than any Houston team since 2009, making the franchise’s return to the playoffs to boot.

Yes, this was a good season.

So, the Rockets lost to Oklahoma City last night. The game and the series.

But in this case, putting things in the proper perspective should give Rockets fans plenty to be excited about.