The Rockets could overcome a poor offensive game one night, but it was not this bad. And on Saturday, the offense was not all that was wrong. Far from it.

A night after the Rockets shut down the Warriors in the fourth quarter, they seemed to be relying on the same formula against the woeful and short-handed Suns. As out of character as it might be for the Rockets to win – much less to win consecutive road games – with defense, it would be close to impossible the way they played.

That sort of game could not be won with 20 turnovers and 17 Suns offensive rebounds. The Rockets barely gave themselves a chance before the Suns pulled away for a 107-105 win, wasting the Rockets’ win on Friday at the Warriors.

There is nothing new about the Rockets offense slipping in the second game of a back-to-back and it fell badly on Saturday. James Harden made 11 of 17 shots to score 38 points with eight assists. Carlos Delfino added 21 points. But with the rest of the Rockets making just 18 of 54 shots, Harden had eight turnovers and the Rockets racked up 21, leading to 28 Suns points.