Well, it was fun while it lasted. In one of the more anticlimactic trade deadlines in recent memory, the Rockets watched as J.J. Redick and Eric Maynor were dealt and sat on the sidelines, having already made their bigger move last night.

That move, of course, was the acquisition of Thomas Robinson for Patrick Patterson, Toney Douglas, Cole Aldrich, and money. We are just reminding you that Daryl Morey acquired the fifth pick in last year's draft for a power forward who can't rebound, a point guard who can't pass, a big man who can't do anything, and some money to grease the pockets of the Maloofs. Awesome.

This morning, we had reports that the team was interested in Josh Smith, but those rumors were quickly defused and the Rockets slowly fell out of the running for any major players. Now, we sit back and enjoy this roster that we have, a young and intriguing one that promises to entertain us for the remaining months of the season and hopefully dazzle us in the playoffs.