Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey has never been shy from interacting with the fans. Morey who has always been open to social media took part in a an AMA on Reddit which allowed fans to chat with the high profiled GM. When asked how the outlook of newly signed superstar Dwight Howard will be with incumbent starting center Omer Asik Morey replied:

“Coach (Kevin)McHale plans to experiment with Dwight at PF (power foward) and Omer as C(center) in training camp. If it works and helps us win obviously we would look at using it.”

This is interesting since Morey himself stated that the two big men would not be seen on the floor together when Howard first signed with the Rockets in July. Howard’s signing also lead Asik to publicly say that he demanded to be traded elsewhere; something that has died down in the past several weeks.