When the Toronto Raptors mascot — known as "the Raptor" — tore his (its?) Achilles tendon at a community event this October, the NBA world took the news pretty hard. While mascots are not a primary reason why fans buy tickets, they do add to the atmosphere and excitement of the live experience. The Raptor is widely acknowledged as one of the best of the bunch, and a season without him is an incomplete one.

One player, however, was not sorry to see the Raptor sit out the year. As noted in an interview with Matthew Singer of Willamette Week (via Deadspin), Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez has no love for the sidelined mascot:

Which is the NBA’s most annoying mascot?

The Toronto Raptor. I wish we could go back to Toronto, because he gets my goat. I have a few choice words for that guy.
Can you elaborate on that?

No. He knows.

We can only guess at the root of this beef, but I'm going to guess it has something to do with the Raptor exhibiting clearly un-Raptor-like behavior. Lopez is very serious about his pop culture, and chances are he expects full commitment to the characteristics shown in "Jurassic Park." As we know, no dinosaurs dunk off trampolines in that film. (Although, let's face it, that probably would have made for a better movie.)