Well, Roberto Luongo may not need all $64 million. He said he would kill his contract if he could.

Today, anyway, the 12-year, $64 million deal feels more like an anchor than financial security.
Dollar bills don’t buy happiness. Or playing time.

His contract may have looked like the best in hockey a few years ago. To Luongo now, it may as well be the worst.
The onerous contract was the big reason why the trade deadline came and went and Luongo is still a Canuck. And a backup at that.
“My contract sucks,” Luongo admitted. “That’s what the problem is. Unfortunately, it’s a big factor in trading me. And it’s why I’m still here.”
“It’s good for some things. But not so good for others. That’s a decision me and management made a few years ago when we signed it.
“We’re going to have to find a way to find a solution.”
“I’d scrap it if I could right now.”

Well, he can’t, meaning he has to embrace life for the rest of this year which he may spend, mostly, sitting on the bench, playing behind Schneider.
A month ago, Luongo said:
“If I really wanted to be traded that bad, I could have done other things, and I would have been gone a long time ago.”
Luongo was asked about that Wednesday.

“What I meant by that is if I took a different approach, from the end of last year to now as conduct myself, I think things would have been different,” he said.
Basically, if he was malcontent and was public about it, he’d be a starter somewhere right now.
“I’m not disappointed in the way I handled the situation. I tried to handle it the right way and not create any negative energy around the team.
“Whether that (impacted) the trade or not, I mean, I don’t regret the way I handled things.”
Luongo is said he is focused on the rest of the year, and not thinking about what could happen in the summer when we get to do all this again.
In the offseason, Luongo thought there would be a bidding war for his services but it never materialized.
There was interest, but no one was ever willing to pay GM Mike Gillis’s price.