Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III said that although he continues to make progress in his recovery from knee reconstruction, the team’s medical staff continues to ensure that he doesn’t push himself to a premature return to action and the risk of a setback.

Speaking with Larry Michael, the Redskins play-by-play announcer and host of the team’s show on CSNWashington, Redskins Nation, Griffin discussed the difficulty of watching offseason workouts, which began this week. He said he is doing everything that the trainers and doctors will let him do as part of his rehabilitation program.

“It’s always going to be tough, but it’s like Coach says, ‘You get the mental reps. You do what you have to do, you do what you can do,’ and that’s my goal, to do what I can do,” Griffin told Michael. “You always want people holding you back. You don’t ever want to have people pushing you forward, and that’s what they’re doing right now. They’re holding me back from doing certain things because I feel like I’m ready, my body might look like I’m ready, but according to the time table, I’m not ready. So, I just keep pushing forward, keep pushing forward in what I can do, while at the same time, allow them to make me be patient.”

Griffin didn’t reveal where he is in his progress, but it was expected that he would receive the green light to resume running on grass earlier this month.

The interview was Griffin’s first since he spoke on the eve of the Super Bowl in New Orleans when accepting the Rookie of the Year award on Feb. 2. Griffin issued a text message statement to ESPN anchor Trey Wingo last month, and then passed it onto local reporters the following day. But otherwise, he has only provided brief updates on his recovery via Twitter. The Redskins have declined repeated requests to interview the quarterback.

Griffin’s text to Wingo renewed debate over how he was handled in the playoff loss to Seattle – the game in which he tore his ACL, LCL and meniscus – when he said, “I know where my responsibility is within the dilemma that led to me having surgery to repair my knee and all parties involved know their responsibilities as well.”