While Mike Shanahan has kept Robert Griffin III and Redskins fans in suspense regarding his return to full action the quarterback’s teammates haven’t allowed themselves to worry about the timeline to recovery.

Although Shanahan’s plan has limited Griffin to seven-on-seven drills (non-contact work with receivers tight ends and running backs against defensive backs and linebackers but not including offensive or defensive lines) the Redskins’ skill position players don’t believe they have missed valuable time with their starting quarterback by not working in 11-on-11 drills with him.

“We’ve been working with him regardless so we know we’ll have our timing down” receiver Josh Morgan said. “We’re not losing any sleep or worrying about it because we have faith that with all the drilling we’ve been doing in practice it’s not going to change anything when he does get out there. It’s just a defense in front of you now.”

Griffin has admittedly used his weekly news conferences to send messages to Shanahan regarding his desire that the coach lift the restrictions. And Shanahan has noticed. “Robert does petition you guys. I like it. It’s good” the coach said with a laugh. He’s just not swayed.

But Morgan said in their interactions with Griffin teammates haven’t noticed any impatience or displeasure on the quarterback’s part.

“He’s been same old Robert. That’s all. He’s been same old Robert” Morgan said. “He comes to work every day the same. You’re always expecting him to play. He prepares the same every day. When he doesn’t go out [for a play] you’re just like ‘Oh I thought he was going to practice today.’”

Griffin admitted that he likely is the only person within the organization who is so anxious to return to full action. His sense of urgency comes from his eagerness to simply return to normal not from a need to prove anything to his teammates.