This season, Thursday Night Football comes to CBS, with the mothership broadcasting eight NFL games on Thursday nights. It's an exciting time for the league, but the players don't always love suiting up that early in the week.

In fact, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III believes "a lot of players" are worried about the safety issues of Thursday night games.

"There are a lot of players out there who feel like there's not enough days in the week for us to be playing on Thursdays," Griffin said in a Hollywood Reporter sports preview. "It's something that the NFL is going to have to address to keep players safe while also trying to maximize revenue."

Thursday night concern isn't anything new, of course. The league broadcast a pile of Thursday night games in 2013. No one likes having to play on a four-day turnaround. Understandably.

But, as Griffin acknowledged, playing on the short turnaround means the following week you get what many players refer to as a "mini bye."