"Jumpy" was their uncle, establishing an impressive 13-year career that included 62 quarterback sacks and two Super Bowl rings. Robert is the eldest, who has spent his entire nine-year career with Cincinnati, generating 33 quarterback sacks -- 10.5 during the 2006 season. Clifton, selected in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns, has spent time with five FNL teams, most recently with the Indianapolis Colt where he recorded his first career sack against the Houston Texans last December.

Now there is another emerging from the Geathers clan in the NFL.

Robert's youngest brother Kwame, reportedly with a weight fluctuating around 340-350, declared for the NFL draft last month, foregoing his senior season much like his older brothers. "I felt like I was ready to go," Geathers told Dawgs247.com in early January.

Family has helped.

"Having my brothers and my family members to go to and ask for advice about it, it’s given me a lot of comfort," Geathers said during bowl practice. "I’m not worrying about it, stressing about it at all because I feel like I’ve got all the resources I need."

The defensive tackle is projected as a middle round prospect, if not a project that requires some work with consistency and technique.