Robinson Cano left for the World Baseball Classic as the most important part of the Yankees’ offense.

Cano returned yesterday as just about the only part of their offense, and that was the case last night as he had the only Yankees hit in a 6-1 loss to the Twins at George M. Steinbrenner Field.

With Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira out at least until May, Derek Jeter iffy for Opening Day and Alex Rodriguez sidelined through the first half of the season at best, there figures to be more pressure than ever on Cano.

If he’s affected by the added pressure, he didn’t show it.

“Hopefully I’ll continue to do the same thing I do every year,” Cano said before hitting third in last night’s game against the Twins at Steinbrenner Field. “I’ll just go out there, play hard and do the things to win games. Hopefully the guys we have help us just stay in the race until we get Granderson and Teixeira back.”

Instead, guys like Brett Gardner, Ichiro Suzuki and Kevin Youkilis, could represent the top of the order — along with Cano — when they open the season against the Red Sox on April 1.

Joe Girardi doesn’t intend to limit Cano’s playing time for the remainder of spring training.

“I won’t necessarily back him off,” the manager said.