New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski who made his season debut in Week 7 and finished with a team-high eight catches for 114 yards said Wednesday that everything checked out well related to his health and that he's going to put his injuries in the past.

"I felt good" he said. "Everything checked out well. And all with the injury stuff and everything I'm going to tell you guys now that that's all going to be in the past so I won't be answering any more questions about that and the focus now is about the opponents coming up on the week.

"So my focus now is the Miami Dolphins."

Gronkowski who donned a large brace over his surgically repaired left forearm suggested he'll continue to wear it for the duration of the season.

"Yeah that'll be all year probably" he said.

The 24-year old conceded that making his return to game action gave him the "jitters" but that he's ready to move forward.

"You always get the jitters [the] first game back but it's just football now and this is my fourth year" he said. "I just gotta go out there and do what I can do."

After playing 51 of 79 offensive snaps in Sunday's overtime loss to the New York Jets Gronkowski anticipated that he'll be able to up his workload as the season progresses.

"Yes definitely" he said. "Whatever the coaches present that week whatever the game plan is they got I'll follow along."