Steve Nash didn't even look up to see the athletic phenomenon that came crashing down above and then behind him: LeBron James' thunderous alley-oop fast-break dunk.
It was a foregone conclusion how the ball could crash fantastically through the hoop, somewhat like the defending NBA champion Miami Heat's late-game surge against a still-developing Lakers team on its 13th consecutive day on the road.

James' dunk after Kobe Bryant's turnover at the other end might not have even been as good as another James dunk after Nash's later turnover, and James' 32 points on 12-of-18 shooting keyed Miami's 107-97 victory over the Lakers on Sunday.
Speaking of an athletic phenomenon, the Lakers haven't gotten the physical freakishness they hoped this season from Dwight Howard, who did at least give them 15 points and nine rebounds with his sore right shoulder.
But the Lakers went 1-2 after Howard returned from the Lakers going 3-0 without him – one problem being that Pau Gasol hurt his right foot and missed these past three games that left the Lakers' season-long trip record at 4-3.
Gasol is out perhaps two months, which Bryant acknowledged is an ongoing problem, but he summed up the trip this way: "All in all, it's OK."
It was the Lakers' 13th consecutive and final day on the road for this trip, but after a long practice by D'Antoni's standards Saturday (one hour), they were pretty sharp early Sunday. Bryant had 28 points on 11-of-19 shooting and nine assists, but the offense bogged down in the fourth quarter as Miami defended Bryant in the post well.
The game included a third-quarter quarrel between Howard and Steve Nash after Howard didn't move to help a trapped Nash trying to pass to Howard, who gestured he wanted the ball lobbed high. Howard and Nash barked at each other going back down the court after Nash had thrown a bounce pass that Howard didn't catch.