Kyle Drabek’s elbow blew up on the Ides of June — the 13th. Two days later, Drew Hutchison matched him to conclude a disastrous week that began on June 11 with Brandon Morrow’s oblique strain.

Within 96 hours, 60% of the Toronto 2012 starting rotation was wiped out.

Both Drabek and Hutchison underwent Tommy John surgery and while neither is likely to greatly impact the 2013 season, both have emerged from the numbing boredom of rehab therapy, moving seamlessly into throwing programs. If you didn’t know the extent of their injuries, you might think they were just two more pitchers looking to impress at spring training.

Both are throwing on flat ground and while Drabek might be slightly ahead of Hutchison, because his surgery happened a bit sooner, they both are working at perhaps 75% velocity, the ball sliding effortlessly out of their hands.

Hutchison has been playing catch for about six weeks now, Drabek somewhat longer than that.

“My first day of playing catch was December 27,” said Hutchison after his latest throwing session.

“Everything is good so far. I just follow the protocol every day. Right now I’m throwing 90 feet, slowly moving back. In a couple of weeks I’ll start throwing every day.”