Doctors orders for fixing the Panthers' sickly play over the past four games wouldn't seem to include a road game, especially one against the team atop the Eastern Conference as of Monday morning.

But the Panthers hope a one-game road trip across the state to face Tampa Bay starts to get them out of the four-game funk that has left them on the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

"I think a chance to go out, sit down, probably go out to dinner with some of your teammates [could help]," Panthers coach Kevin Dineen said.

"Probably 85 percent of that conversation is about other things than the actual play. Those little snapshots and discussions that happen on the road trip. Certainly, it takes the focus away from the little things you're always dealing with at home. Right now, we need our full focus on the game."

Said goalie Scott Clemmensen said: "How do you get out of a funk is the real question. All things come to an end, good or bad. If things aren't going your way, personally or a team thing, first thing you do is start working hard.

"The harder you work, the more bounces you're going to get. Sometimes, a bounce is all it takes to turn things around."