Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo said he spoke to outfielder Tony Campana to try and keep his spirits up.

After appearing at the Cubs Convention, where it was apparent he was one of the more popular players on the team, Campana was designated for assignment before the first day of camp.

The Cubs are trying to trade Campana in the 10-day period to get something in return, since it’s doubtful he would clear waivers to be re-assigned to Triple-A Iowa.

Rizzo said Campana was feeling OK.

“It’s pretty good,” he said. “A fresh start. Just told him to keep his head up. He’s a good player and he’ll be pretty successful.”

Campana’s speed makes him a valuable commodity on the bench, though he has yet to prove himself as a major league hitter.

“I know everyone over here is pulling for him,” Rizzo said. “I’m sure he’ll get picked up somewhere… I can think of teams in my heads right away that could just bring him in. Right now, I just think our team isn’t the fit for him, to be honest. We need more power instead of speed I think.”