In the opinionated, ego-fueled world of sports media, there is little to no consensus. Battle lines are drawn over even the most minor of issues.
Except when it comes to Mariano Rivera.
In the aftermath of his retirement announcement, testimonials from those who have covered him for years, and words of praise from those who have not, reaffirmed that his excellence on the mound is matched by his performance as a person.
The armor has no cracks.
On Saturday, Rivera demonstrated this again, displaying faith, appreciation, humility and even some humor while announcing his farewell tour. Yet what may have been the most moving moment came after he disposed of three Atlanta batters in a meaningless but symbolic performance.
Rivera was being interviewed by Jack Curry on the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network. Curry asked a few questions and Rivera, without prompting, ended one of his answers by bringing up George Steinbrenner. As soon as the word “The,” as in The Boss, began forming on his lips you could see the emotion on Rivera’s face.
“You know who I miss? I miss The Boss,” Rivera somberly told Curry. “I wish that The Boss was here (today to see him announce his retirement). But yeah...”

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