Cal Ripken ran to the mound, threw a strike to J.J. Hardy, and started his work day.

Ripken is in the business of being Cal Ripken, and he was at the Orioles training facility for the first time on Thursday.

When Ripken played for the Orioles, they trained mostly in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but spent part of one spring training here.

Trainer Richie Bancells gave him a tour of the training room and Ripken laughed as he remembered the years in Fort Lauderdale when the team’s weight room was in a tent.

Ripken was signing copies of his new book, “Wild Pitch,” co-authored with Kevin Cowherd. It’s the third of a series of six children’s books, and judging by the reception he received, Ripken is as popular as when he played.

Hundreds of books were brought in anticipation of the signing, and they were all sold before the inscribing began.

After he threw out the first pitch, Ripken swiftly moved down the first base line, signing autographs as he went. He went upstairs to appear on the Orioles television broadcast, bantered with Jim Hunter and Jim Palmer, and sat down to talk about today’s Orioles.

“To me, what I like is they have a lot of depth in their starting staff, a lot of choices. And choices are sometimes hard to make, but last year, the starting staff of the Orioles looked one way in the first half, and in the second half, it looked a little different. [Chris] Tillman threw well and [Miguel] Gonzalez threw well,” Ripken said.