Alex Rios said he's moved his hands away from his body at least twice in an effort to find comfort in his batting stance, but the search for production continues.

"I haven't felt comfortable the whole season," Rios said Saturday before going 0-for-4 and dropping his batting average to .207. "I've been trying so many different things, even trying to hit the ball up the middle. It worked for a little bit, and then I don't know what happened. It's been frustrating, but what else can I do? Just keep working and try to get out of this hole."

Rios has a unique batting stance in which his hands are placed low and close to his body.

"I feel good having them there," Rios said. "Like I said, I've tried so many things that I forget where you were at a couple years ago and stuff like that. But I just need to get that feeling back and try to get things going."

Rios said he once held his hands high while playing at Double-A in Toronto's minor league system, but then he adjusted because he had difficulty pulling the ball.

"That's where I made changes to my whole stance," Rios said.