As the White Sox tried to work out a deal with Texas for outfielder Alex Rios it was business as usual for manager Robin Ventura.
“All that stuff is tough because you don’t have any control over it” Ventura said of reports the Rangers claimed Rios on waivers Thursday.

“Most of the time nobody ever hears about it. Everybody goes on waivers everybody goes through them and sometimes guys are claimed. This is kind of different because it comes out and he has to be asked a lot of questions about it… It’s different when it comes out you have to answer it and it becomes a distraction.”

Rios took a preemptive move before being asked any question about it telling reporters as he walked into the clubhouse he won’t comment “unless something happens.”

Ventura has Rios batting third in this afternoon’s lineup against the Twins.

“I don’t want him going anywhere” Ventura said.

Adam Dunn was also put on waivers and cleared according to’s Jon Heyman. A team would have to pick up the remainder of Dunn’s contract which makes a deal unlikely.

Ventura said he hasn’t called anyone in management for information about the trade talks. The Sox could pull Rios back if they don’t feel they’re getting enough in return. That appears unlikely though Ventura said “everybody has a foregone conclusion that he’s gone” adding he feels otherwise.

Do the departures of Jake Peavy Matt Thornton and Jesse Crain along with the possible loss of Rios signal any change in philosophy towards the future?