The new extension the Eagles reached with Riley Cooper could affect the future salary for Packers free agent receiver James Jones.

The best indicator of what a player should expect in free agency is a similarly positioned player with comparable skill/production.

While there isn't a perfect comp for Packers wideout James Jones, Riley Cooper and his five-year, $25 million extension with the Eagles might offer a glimpse into the future for the free agent receiver.

Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated and recently released his list of the top 100 free agents. Riley Cooper came in at 55 with Jones finishing ahead at 53. In his notes, Bedard described neither as number one receivers, an argument most will agree with.

The statistics back up the comparison. Like Jones, Cooper lines up primarily on the outside (both played under 20% of their snaps in the slot). Both had similar production last year as well; Cooper caught 47 passes for 835 yards and eight touchdowns while Jones hauled in 59 passes for 817 yards and three touchdowns. Cooper's higher touchdown total stands out, but it was only a year ago that Jones led the NFL in that statistic with 14.