Cam Newton struggles with pressure from the ride side of the line and now two poor pass blockers are protecting him. Is the offensive line situation as bad as it sounds? In a word yes.

The Carolina Panthers are one week away from their first preseason game and have the worst RG/RT tandem in the NFL. This isn't simply inference or opinion the numbers bear true. For all Geoff Hangartner's faults (and there were a lot in 2012) he remained a steadying force on the right side of the line next to an inexperienced tackle in Byron Bell who can't pass protect.

Carolina wanted to see what they had on the roster rather than address the team's offensive line needs in free agency it's August and Ron Rivera is talking up Garry Williams. In the wake of Geoff Hangartner's release we're hearing how Williams "has done a really nice job" and how the team is "excited about what Garry can bring to the table". At this point any excitement about Williams needs to be tantamount to any enthusiasm about other players who have struggled and failed as starters.

It's pass protection where the right side of the line will die. According to the 2013 Football Outsiders' Almanac the Panthers just swapped out a more reliable pass blocker for a worse one. Hangartner blew 6 pass blocks in 755 snaps but did not allow a sack. Compare to Williams who blew 7 pass blocks in 606 snaps allowing 1.0 sack.

This seems like a small number but it's high for both players as interior linemen. Granted it pales in comparison to Amini Silatolu at left guard who blew 17.5 blocks as a rookie -- but as a right guard duo they weren't far off. Furthermore Williams is now paired with Byron Bell the team leader in blown pass blocks from a year ago -- allowing 20.5 missed blocks allowing 2.5 sacks.