Given the all-consuming interest in the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the tiniest scintilla of information can provide the impetus for discussion ... or a column.

So here we go, again.

Friday's announcement that the Roughriders had released two former NFLers - quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan and receiver Sinorice Moss - has generated the inevitable correspondence, which is always welcomed.

Some of the feedback pertained to Moss, who was compulsively hyped in this space until the regular season began, at which point he all but vanished.

But most of the comments were about the quarterbacking situation, now that the itinerant O'Sullivan - who had stints with 11 NFL teams before joining the Roughriders last year - is no longer part of the equation.

The books are closed after O'Sullivan went 9-for-14 for 83 yards, without a touchdown pass or an interception, during abbreviated late-season duty.

He also wore No. 0 and sported one of the great beards in CFL history, without ever bristling at an understudy's role.

At 33, and as one who had been a starter with the San Francisco 49ers in 2008, O'Sullivan could have (and perhaps should have) expected more. However, the consummately professional pivot arrived without a sense of entitlement.