Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio doesn't understand why his good friend Pau Gasol, a four-time NBA all-star who has helped the Los Angeles Lakers win two championships, is suddenly not good enough to start.

Asked if the Lakers have been fair with Gasol, Rubio said, "I don't think so."

Then he presented the Lakers with an option.

"If they don't want him," Rubio said, "we are more than welcome to get him."

This is not a new idea. Reports of a trade between the Timberwolves and Lakers have been making then rounds for years, usually around the June draft. The Wolves reportedly once offered Nikola Pekovic and forward Derrick Williams for the 7-foot power forward.

Though Rubio would love to see his Spanish countryman play for the Wolves, who face the Lakers on Friday night, Feb. 1, at Target Center, getting Gasol in a Wolves uniform would not be a simple process and is highly unlikely.

Gasol, 32, is earning $19.0 million this season and owed $19.3 million in 2013-14, the final year of his contract. To make room for that contract, the Wolves would have to offer multiple players to the Lakers and perhaps some draft picks.