Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman was pulled out of a press conference during the first round of last year’s draft to consummate the trade that brought wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson to Minnesota and it sounds like he’s ready to drop everything at a moment’s notice again this year.

Spielman said Saturday that “everything is a possibility” for the Vikings in the draft and you’d expect such vagueness from a team before the draft. The closest that Spielman came to setting anything in stone were his comments about whether or not the Vikings will be standing pat with the eight picks they currently have in their possession.

“We have eight right now, and a lot of that doesn’t happen until you’re on the clock,” Spielman said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Heck, last year they pulled me out of a press conference to go get Patterson because you never know. But I really, really think we’re going to do a lot of movement in the draft.”

Spielman said having 10 picks would be ideal, but that the movement could involve going up to get a player that the team prizes above others. Like a quarterback, perhaps?