During the regular season, a team has 25 active players. When spring training begins, more than twice that many players are in major league camp.

Besides the established major leaguers, the group includes long-term prospects, roster candidates for this season and the ubiquitous bevy of minor league catchers for all the pitchers.

Of the several dozen players who put on the Tigers uniform Friday for the club's first full workout of spring training, the one whose presence in the crowded clubhouse was most surprising was perhaps Rick Porcello.

When last season ended, Porcello no longer seemed like a good fit on the Tigers. Plus, he seemed at a prime time to be traded -- two years from free agency.

Then he seemed to become outright expendable when free agent Anibal Sanchez re-signed in December. Sanchez's return to the rotation meant there was room in it for Porcello or Drew Smyly, but not both.

If the Tigers could trade Porcello, Smyly automatically would enter the rotation and have a chance to become the steady left-handed starter the Tigers have lacked since Kenny Rogers.