The answer to this question went by almost unnoticed.

Who was the last Tigers' pitcher before Rick Porcello on Saturday to allow nine runs in less than an inning?

Answer: Hank Borowy in 1951.

Borowy was a former 20-game winner (for the Yankees and Cubs combined in 1945) but he was at the tail end of his career when he pitched for the Tigers in 1950-51.

On Aug. 18, 1951, in a game the Tigers lost to the St. Louis Browns, 20-9, Borowy allowed nine runs on five hits and four walks without retiring a batter in the seventh inning.

As an example of how rules have changed, though, future Hall of Famer Satchel Paige took over in relief for the Browns in that game with his team ahead by 11 runs, and received a save for pitching two scoreless innings.

Such saves now require three innings.

If nine runs in no innings is Borowy's claim to shame, it's only fair to list his claim to fame — which is a legitimate one.

He's the last Chicago Cubs' pitcher to win a World Series game. In fact, he won twice in the 1945 World Series that the Tigers won in seven games.

Borowy was 2-2 in that World Series.

As a starter with a complete game, he blanked the Tigers 9-0 in Game 1.

Also as a starter, he lost Game 5, allowing five runs in five innings, but bounced back as a reliever to win Game 6 with four scoreless innings the next day.

Two days later, he started Game 7 for the Cubs, but allowed three runs without retiring anyone in the first inning.