Finding a way to catch the eye of a front office or coaching staff when you're a fringe player in an NBA training camp can be really hard to do. For the most part teams leave a little leeway when it comes to adding to the roster with non-guaranteed contracts to fill out the 15 spots going into training camp but it doesn't mean they'll definitely take someone. You have to find a way to let your play in practice and in games grab the attention of the decision-makers in the hopes of bringing you aboard for the season (or at least half of it).

For former first round draft pick Renaldo Balkman he may have caught the eye of Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle by what was tattooed on Balkman's eyelids. The 29-year old forward out of South Carolina had "hustle" tattooed on one eyelid and "harder" tatted on his other eyelid. That shows the kind of toughness that Rick Carlisle likes to see in his role players. From the Dallas Morning News:

The Mavericks' forward who is trying to cash in on his long-shot chance of making the final roster has the words “hustle” and “harder” inked onto right and left eyelid respectively. Those words embody his philosophy on basketball not to mention speaking highly of his ability to handle pain.

Asked for his first thoughts on the dreadlocked multi-tattooed former first-round draft pick of the New York Knicks coach Rick Carlisle said: “My first thoughts? I like his hairdo. And I like his tattoos a lot. There's a lot of storytelling going on there.

“You know he's got a high pain tolerance if he's got tattoos on his eyelids. All that stuff impresses me before we even start talking about his game. That's why I liked [DeShawn] Stevenson.”

DeShawn Stevenson was a role player that became very important to the Mavs' title run in 2011. He was the tough perimeter guy that didn't back down from anybody and relished taking big 3-point shots whenever given the chance. Carlisle appreciates role players like that because they often buy into whatever the coach is selling. That's exactly what they would need out of Balkman if he's going to have a chance to make the team.