Entering Wednesday’s home game against Memphis, Mavericks foward Shawn Marion has attempted 62 three-pointers this season and made 21, a .339 percentage.

Following Wednesday morning’s shootaround at American Airlines Center, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle and Marion were the last people on the floor, with Marion practicing 3s and Carlisle shagging rebounds.

Why the sudden emphasis with Marion shooting treys? He attempted 73 all of last season. During Dallas’ championship season of 2010-2011, Marion attempted 33 threes and made five.

“He (Carlisle) told me to,” Marion said Wednesday, when asked why he’s shooting more threes.

“I just believe in him,” Carlisle said. “I believe he can do it. I see the stretches in his career where he’s shot it well. I understand that a coach’s belief in a player goes a long way toward the player believing in himself.”

Prior to coming to the Mavericks, Marion didn’t shoot many threes for Toronto or Miami, but during his days in coach Mike D’Antoni’s system in Phoenix, Marion was a prolific three-point shooter.

As recently as the 2007-08 season, Marion shot 167 threes, making 58, a .347 percentage.

During the 2004-05 season, Marion fired up 341 threes, making 114.

In recent Mavericks season, Dallas has had players like Jason Terry and O.J. Mayo and J.J. Barea to shoot threes.