With the Washington Redskins running goal line practice drills, the defense needed a stop.

As Santana Moss broke a route towards the back corner of the end zone – a play Moss scored on a few minutes earlier – a well placed pass came towards the receiver for what looked like another touchdown.

As Moss looked the ball into his arms, second year cornerback Richard Crawford jumped up and swatted the ball away.

Crawford’s play sent defensive backs coach Raheem Morris into a tizzy, yelling “that’s how you make a play” and leading to a good, healthy exchange of trash talk between Crawford and Moss with Morris barking in the background.

It was just one play, and it occurred on a May afternoon during Offseason Team Activities, but throughout the day Crawford was making plays. A tipped pass here, an interception on a deep ball, and an impressive punt return too.

The buzz around Crawford was that he was in the middle of a great run of OTAs.

“I feel pretty good, still made some mistakes but that’s what OTA practices are for,” the 5’11”, 188 lb. corner said.

“OTAs aren’t anything, its all about what you do on Sundays and how many games you win, getting that big Lombardi trophy.”

Crawford said that he is much more comfortable as a second year player. In his rookie season, at times his nerves would show.

“The first game I played you’re looking across at guys like A.J. Green, so you’re not fully confident in yourself,” Crawford said. “But now, I’m fully confident in myself to do whatever the coaches want me to do and contribute to the team.”

Crawford should have the opportunity to contribute plenty. He wil likely be the Redskins punt returner, and he could get a lot of snaps with the defensive unit.

Projections for the starting defense would have DeAngelo Hall at corner, and likely Josh Wilson on the other side. But a strong showing from Crawford could change that.