Rich Peverley is working hard and trying to get himself to a place where he could return to the NHL ice, but he said he really doesn’t know when or if he might be able to play hockey again.

“It’s a process, and there are a lot of steps,” said Peverley, the Stars forward who collapsed on the bench March 10 when his heart stopped and has since been trying to recover from the incident. “I’m trying to take the steps one at a time and just see what happens. If I can play, that will be great. If I can’t, then I’ll deal with that at that time.”

Peverley was assessed with an irregular heartbeat before last season, had a procedure to address the issue and also was treating it with medication. He played 62 games, but then collapsed as he entered the bench in a game against Columbus at American Airlines Center March 10. Medical personnel rushed to his aid, and revived him quickly. He was sent to the hospital in stable condition and was released a couple of days later.

He had ablation surgery on March 19 and has been recovering since.

As part of Peverley’s recovery and his attempt to return to NHL play, he has been increasing his workouts and raising his heart rate.

“I’ve been able to do more and use my upper body, so I definitely feel like I’m making progress,” he said from his home in Guelph, Ontario. “But it’s just the start. I have a long way to go.”