For the time being, Everyday Eddie Guardado's nickname is safe.
When Guardado pitched for the Twins, he earned the nickname Everday Eddie because he seemed to pitch every day.
The only thing Rich Hill has in common with Guardado is that he's left-handed. From 2005 through 2009, Hill was a starter. Elbow problems, which ended in Tommy John surgery in 2011, resulted in a move to the bullpen.
Hill made six relieve appearances in 2010, nine in 2011 and 25 last year. This year he's already made 16 appearances for the Tribe, including pitching three consecutive days for the first time in his career.
The 6-5 lefty pitched 1 1/3 innings against Seattle on Friday, allowing a two-run homer to Raul Ibanez in the Tribe's 6-3 victory. In Saturday's 5-4 win, he pitched two-thirds of a scoreless inning. In Sunday's 6-0 victory, Hill pitched another scoreless two-thirds of an inning.
"I'm just doing my job," said Hill. "I go out there when they tell me to and pitch with conviction."
Hill said he feels great after pitching three days in a row.
"I''m just not saying that to throw it out there," said Hill. "I feel great. The ball has been coming out well. I just want to continue to do the stuff to stay ready so I can go out there and pitch when I'm asked."
Hill and David Huff are the two lefties in the Tribe's bullpen.