The U.S. Open is coming up next week so tennis legend (and ESPN commentator) John McEnroe is making his annual trek through the late night circuit. On Wednesday night, McEnroe appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and made some very interesting statements about being able to beat Serena Williams.

"I believe that I could still take her"


"Serena...she's got a lot to lose by losing to an old fart like myself"


"And I've got a lot to lose because if I lose to, god forbid, a woman then I'm not allowed in a men's locker room for the next 15 years...possibly the end of my life."

We'll ignore the sexist comment about the shame of losing to a women and get right on to the tennis theory.

John McEnroe is 100% trolling with these comments that he made about being able to beat the greatest women's tennis player in the history of the sport. There is no way that, at age 56, that he could beat anyone on the men's tour or anyone in the top 25 on the women's tour. 

It must be the fact that he was born in Germany...he always feels like he can conquer anything. I fully respect the confidence, that's the attitude of a champion. Former world #1, tennis hall-of-famer, 77 career singles titles, seven career grand slam singles titles. But that was a long time ago.

He referenced in the video the fact that Donald Trump offered to pay them to play a match 15 years ago. That would be a legit contest!

I don't care how well you take care of your body...the difference between 56 and 41 is astronomical. Serena would just hit ground strokes and run McEnroe side-to-side for the entire match. John would have two sprained ankles, a torn ALC on one knee and a torn MCL on the other, and a serious case of plantar fasciitis.

McEnroe would have a few tricks up his sleeve. Many people aren't aware that he still plays tennis, and wins titles, on the Champions Tour. He has also been involved in World Team Tennis and actually played, and won, ATP Tour doubles events as recently as 2006. 

McEnroe's lefty serve out wide would give Williams a bit of a problem and his serve-and-volley game is likely still top notch (if he can get to the net quickly enough), but other than those two skills it would be advantage Williams all day long.

It simply comes down to fitness. Serena would run him all over the court and I don't think McEnroe would be able to keep up. And this isn't a "women are closing the gap" thing...this is a "John McEnroe is an old fart and should stick to trolling" thing. The fact is, any current ATP tennis player in the top 500 in the world could beat Serena Williams fairly easily, the problem is that John McEnroe wouldn't be in the top 2000 in the world if he were still active.

More good stuff from McEnroe during his appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'.

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