Robert Griffin II isn’t a doctor or a coach, but he knows his son probably better than anyone else and, in an interview with WJLA’s Leon Harris, he said Robert Griffin III’s recovery is progressing rapidly. And, if he’d been coaching, he’d have taken him out of the game before his knee buckled.

“…Physical strength, lateral movement, lateral strength,, he feels he far exceeds four months post-surgery from [the] first time [he underwent reconstructive knee surgery in 2009],” Griffin said, “but Robert knows this is a long-term thing.”

All in for Week 1, when the Washington Redskins play the Philadelphia Eagles?

“If Robert is training right now, the goal is to play football this year.”

Griffin said he expects his son will be used differently, perhaps running less often.

“I think that the message was loud and clear [with his injury],” Griffin said. “What they have to do in order to have Robert, you know, be what they want him to be, because you don’t want him to limp into the playoffs.”