Ten months ago, Robert Griffin III was regularly referred to as the most popular man in Washington. Stellar play and winning football tends to have that effect. But through nine games this season, the Redskins are 3-6 and Griffin hasn't been nearly as effective.
According to Hall of Famer and former Redskins great Darrell Green, some of the team's struggles stem from lack of leadership, and that includes the second-year quarterback.

"I think that is a problem. I think it is super important to have leadership and I don't think he (Robert Griffin III) really is the leader… I don't know if they have a leader," Green said earlier this week.

Criticism is nothing new for Griffin, who has started each of his first two seasons with 3-6 records.

“You take life as it comes," RG3 said according to the Washington Post. "Life's going to throw you curveballs sometimes. You just have got to figure out which ones to try and hit.

"Right now, it's not a burden. It's a burden if you make it a burden. You've got to believe. It only takes one person to believe so you can have success. I always believe in this team. I always believe in these players and so on and so on. That's what it is for me. It's not a burden.

"Believing" might sound like player speak from a player on a losing team with little hope of salvaging the season. But it was a year ago that the Redskins reeled off seven straight to finish 10-6, win the division and qualify for the playoffs.