The Marlins had just lost a 5-0 lead Friday, but Jose Reyes illustrated just how disruptive he can be on the basepaths when he scored the tying run to make it 6-6 in the fourth. He began dancing off third base and flustered Padres' starter Anthony Bass to the point of inducing a balk.

"I've done it like five times in my career," Reyes said.

He added that veteran pitchers are just as susceptible as young ones like Bass. Among those who have balked with Reyes on third: Armando Benitez and Cole Hamels.

Manager Ozzie Guillen also pointed to a couple of Reyes' defensive plays in San Francisco that kept runs from scoring.

"He can make a lot of things happen," Guillen said. "I kicked myself in the butt when he got picked off from first [in the 11th inning]. I thought I should let him run and not put a hit-and-run on. I regret I put it on late in the game…Reyes little by little is starting to get better. Now he's more patient. He's playing under control and that's going to help everyone."