On one side of the room was Ray Lewis, ending his Hall of Fame career with a Super Bowl. On the other side, at separate podiums, sat Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs, grizzled Ravens champions getting their first shot at a ring.

All Rex Ryan's men.

All 60 minutes from shaking hands with the president at the White House.

All instrumental in getting Rex Ryan his first head coaching job.

Rex's Exes at the Super Bowl.

And Rex a long, long way away from one.

But if Rex is a lame duck in 2013, he remains their lame duck.

Who is here with them, if only in spirit.

Thank you, Rex, from your exes.

"All I can really say is that I love the man to death," Suggs said last night. "He's one helluva football coach, he's one helluva ball coach. If it is his last year as a New York Jet head coach, it won't be his last year as a coach, it damn sure won't be his last year as a head coach. He's a players' coach, he's a real coach, and I wish him all the best. I hope things turn around for him, except when he's playing the Baltimore Ravens."