Rob Ryan did a masterful job this season as the Saints' defensive coordinator. So well, in fact, that he probably deserved a shot at a head-coaching gig. To date, he hasn't even gotten an interview, which likely has nothing to do with his football acumen and everything to do with his physical appearance. Specifically, all the hair.

Last week, there was a report that Ryan will need a wig trim if he wants to be a head coach.

Twin brother Rex -- who also happens to be the Jets coach -- was asked recently if the shoulder-length flowing locks might be the glass ceiling impeding Rob's career.

"Maybe that's it." Ryan told the New York Post. "I told him, 'Dude, how about you go get a haircut? It makes no difference.' I said, 'You can wear the Fu Manchu if you're bald.' ...

Hopefully, this is one of the things that motivates him to do so. ... You tell me one other reason why he doesn't have a [head-coaching job] right now with the kind of job he did."

Rex not only keeps his hair short, but he had lap-band surgery several years ago and dropped 100 pounds. Still, he remains mystified by by the lack of opportunities for his brother.