Rex Ryan has an NFL story for every occasion.

He grew up admiring the league, when his father, Buddy, coached the Jets’ defensive line from 1968-75. Rex followed Buddy’s path into coaching. Rex won a Super Bowl as the Ravens’ defensive line coach. He made the AFC Championship Game in each of his first two years as the Jets’ head coach. He worked for his father and coached against his twin brother, Rob, a renowned defensive coordinator.

For all of Rex’s own stories, he is also the keeper of his father’s football memories – everything from how Buddy once benched Mike Singletary for motivational purposes, to what happened when Buddy’s Eagles held joint practices in training camp.

Buddy was the Eagles’ head coach from 1986-90, the years when a late-20s Rex was establishing himself as a coach at small colleges in Kentucky and New Mexico. During training camp, Buddy’s Eagles agreed to participate in joint practices with the Falcons. It seems like a harmless enough concept that interrupts the monotony of practicing against the same players day after day. But the Eagles-Falcons practices were far from harmless.

“In between all of the fights, they snapped the ball a few times,” Rex Ryan recalled this week.

More and more NFL teams are deciding that joint practices during training camp can work. This year, almost half the league is doing it – 13 teams, including the Jets’ AFC East counterparts from Buffalo and New England. The Bills are visiting the Steelers’ camp in Latrobe, Pa. The Patriots are holding joint practices with Washington in Richmond, Va., and with the Eagles in Philadelphia. New England is one of three teams practicing alongside two other organizations this summer.