Antonio Cromartie leaving for the Cardinals Thursday felt like the Jets had lost the consolation prize after they already had failed to bring back the best free agent cornerback of all: Darrelle Revis. Not only that, but Revis landed with the Jets greatest rival, New England.

The Jets did not heavily pursue Revis, and John Idzik did not give a specific reason why Thursday. The team had discussed a possibility of a reunion with Revis’ camp before he signed with New England, the Daily News previously reported, but Idzik wasn’t a part of the talks because he wasn’t interested.

“Ultimately it’s about, in the most simplistic form, it’s us evaluating the player, it’s us evaluating the person and how he fits...into the locker room, into our organization, into our community,” Idzik said. “It’s us placing a value on that.”

There’s no question Revis the player fits with the Jets: he’s perfect for Rex Ryan’s system and excelled in it for many years. He was a leader in the locker room, too. But what the Jets and Revis have is a history, though Idzik denied that they are sour feelings toward one another.