God Bless Rex Ryan. God Bless him for his self-confidence, fierce loyalty and unshakable belief that he will be the man to end more than four decades of anguish, anger and frustration for a star-crossed franchise that last hoisted the Lombardi Trophy when Marvin Gaye topped the Billboard charts.

Ryan feels your collective pain, but knows that he can provide the healing. The Jets are in good - no, GREAT - hands with him.

"Do I think that I'm a great coach? I absolutely know I'm a great coach," Ryan told the Daily News in a recent wide-ranging interview. "But it's not just about me. What makes a great coach is the people that surround you, the people that are with you every day. There's guys that help me be a great coach. My players help me be a great coach."

Ryan has missed the playoffs for three consecutive seasons after getting within one win of the Super Bowl in each of his first two years. His candor sometimes clouds the undeniable fact that he is one of the best defensive minds and motivators of the past decade.

"I'm not saying that I'm the best or whatever… or the best of all time," Ryan said of his credentials. "I just know that I'm the best that I can be. I know that I'm willing to do the work. I may have limitations. I get that. But nobody's going to convince me that they're more passionate about their job than I am… and that they're more passionate about their organization than me."

He knows the backlash is coming. Great? He hasn't even been to the Super Bowl, while seven current coaches have won it all and seven others have made it to the big game. Great? He's 46-40 in five seasons, including a three-year stretch without a winning record.

But Ryan is the ultimate survivor, the last guy standing from the 11-man head coaching Class of 2009. One of the members of the class (Jim Caldwell) was fired and hired to replace another member of the class (Jim Schwartz) this offseason. Twenty-six coaches have been fired since Ryan was hired five years ago. He soldiers on with an unconventional and unapologetic style.