Barring trade or act of God, Tyler Flowers will be the starting catcher for our Chicago White Sox come April. No amount of wailing or gnashing of the teeth will change this. For the first time since coming over in a trade from the Atlanta Braves in December of 2008, he will be given the opportunity to provide the Sox a true return on investment.

I got bored today and started to map out a trade tree resulting from this deal. Lesson learned? If you ever try mapping out a trade tree using Javier Vazquez, you will rapidly go insane. The man is the 2000's baseball equivalent of Kevin Bacon. So to keep things simple, I chopped off the branches involving anything before this trade. I even made you a picture, because I love you.

And that's with one remaining trade trimmed off! All for the want of Brent Lillibridge!

Initial trade: Chicago White Sox send Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan to Atlanta for Jon Gilmore, Santos Rodriguez, Tyler Flowers, and Brent Lillibridge.

So far, this trade has resulted in 2.5 bWAR above replacement at a cost of about $2.8MM for the White Sox. Jon Gilmore is likely never going to play in the majors. Santos Rodriguez is interesting as a tall left-handed reliever, but doesn't even crack larry's top ten prospects. Brent Lillibridge had one magical season over 3.5 years, contributing a whopping 0.8 bWAR before being shipped off to Boston (more on that later). Over a few cups of coffee and a season as a backup catcher, Tyler Flowers has been worth 1.7 bWAR, making him the most valuable piece in the trade. Unless he hits like an injured Brent Morel, that number is likely to more than double this season.