Remember the old marketing slogan for Fram Oil Filters? It went like this: "You can pay me now or you can pay me later." It applies to the current impasse between the Jets and Bucs in the Darrelle Revis trade talks.

The Bucs would likely deal their first- and second-round picks in 2014 for the star cornerback, but the Jets want this year's first-round pick (13th overall), according to Peter King of Therein lies the stalemate.

So if you're the Jets, do you want to be paid now or later?

The idea of having two first-round picks in 2014 is intriguing for a few reasons. It's supposed to be a good quarterback draft, and the extra pick would give them the ability to maneuver for a top quarterback. New GM John Idzik has time on his side, and he can afford to be patient with regard to the rebuilding of the Jets. He'd have four picks in the top 64 -- his two, plus two from the Bucs. Problem is, there's no certainty as to where those picks will be.

If the Bucs make the playoffs, the '14 picks will be in the bottom portion of the round. How would you feel if the Jets traded their best player for the 25th and 57th picks in the draft? Sure, it could go the other way, too, but the chances of the Bucs stinking would be a lot less with Revis in the lineup.

You can bet that's a concern for Idzik. The bigger concern should be this: What kind of message does it send the fan base if the team gets NOTHING for Revis in 2013? Take an elite cornerback (if healthy) out of the lineup and replace him with ...