By now, Rex Ryan surely has come to grips with a most sobering reality, that where there is smoke around Darrelle Revis, there is fire, and there isn’t a Rextinguisher in sight.

When Revis shows up today at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Circus for his awkward reunion with his coach and team, either he will find Ryan bound and gagged and tied to a chair in GM John Idzik’s office, or hemming and hawing over the trade whispers that he swore he never heard even when they became a rolling thunder, or completely in the dark, a lame duck coach stripped of his power, no longer the big, bad, bold, braggadocious voice in the decision-making process.

The looming trade to Tampa Bay of the NFL’s best cornerback, if executed, would serve as another reminder of ruinous philosophical differences between a GM and a head coach with entirely different visions and agendas.

Goodbye, Revis Island.

Hello, Ryan Island.

Stranded by Woody Johnson, a human Band-Aid who won’t be able to stop the bleeding. With Revis, or without Revis. And that’s the point.

You trade your best player when the owner does not want to pay his best player. You trade your best player when you have gaping holes all over the place, from franchise quarterback to pass rusher to guard to tight end to wide receiver to Wildcat quarterback. You trade your best player when you reach the conclusion it is unwise to pay any cornerback, even this cornerback, $15 million a year, when you know full well that your team won’t be playing in the first New York Super Bowl until you first and foremost find your franchise quarterback, and then plug the bountiful leaks on the ship that be sinking.

The Bucs need Revis, and Revis needs the Bucs, because the bucks stop there. The Bucs need Revis because they believe they are ready to make their move, and who better than Revis to deal with Drew Brees and Matt Ryan twice a year? The Jets need a lot more than Revis to deal with Tom Brady twice a year.